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We offer premium legal services for all your needs.  Whether you've been injured, you're selling property, or just filing your taxes
our firm is here to see you get the services you need when you need them.

Personal Injury

Handling personal injury cases with a focus on achieving fair outcomes, our legal team is committed to representing your interests effectively. We advocate diligently for your rights in every case.


Our team expertly handles contract law, ensuring clarity, fairness, and enforceability in all your agreements. Trust us to safeguard your interests in every transaction.

Wills & Trusts

We provide thorough guidance in creating wills and trusts, ensuring your assets are protected and your wishes honored. Let us help you secure your legacy with confidence and peace of mind.


Our legal experts offer comprehensive tax solutions, from planning to dispute resolution, ensuring compliance and optimizing your financial position. Rely on us for informed, strategic tax guidance.

Real Estate

Our firm specializes in real estate law, offering expert advice and representation in transactions, disputes, and property management. Trust us to protect your real estate interests with diligence and legal expertise.

Veterans Law

Dedicated to serving those who've served, our firm specializes in Veteran's Law, navigating the complexities of VA claims and benefits. We are committed to advocating for the rights and entitlements of our veteran clients.

Who we are

Our small-town firm is a dynamic duo of knowledge and experience, with dedicated roots in the community and decades of public service experience.  We are dedicated to providing personalized, comprehensive legal solutions to our clients, upholding a tradition of trust and excellence in every case we handle.

Thomas V. Ralph, Esq.


Christina Rosa Ralph

Student Attorney
J.D. Candidate ('24) - Syracuse


We Have Attorneys Licensed to Practice in All Levels of Government


Supreme Court

U.S. First Circuit

District Court (MA)

U.S. Tax Court

U.S. Federal Claims

U.S Armed Forces

U.S. Veteran Claims


Our firm is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  We believe that consistent with the founding principles of our great society, everyone, and that means everyone, is entitled to the best legal representation available, regardless of their personal history, racial background, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation.  Our commitment to you is that we will always work for you to ensure you receive the very best.

Legal services and consultations are available in languages other than English, including Portuguese and Cape Verdean Kriolu.

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